Lempo-Volley and Mjølnir from Faroe Islands play a friendly match 5.1.2023 in Lempäälä Finland


Finnish men´s second highest league team Lempo-Volley from Lempäälä will play the first international match in the club history on Thursday, January 5, 2023.

New year 2023 will start with a very interesting opponent. Mjølnir from Faroe Islands arrives in Hakkari's sports hall for an international friendly match. Mjølnir is the champion of the Faroe Islands league last season.

The match will be played in Hakkari from 16:45. Tickets for the match cost 5€ and Lempo season ticket is valid. The match will be broadcast live with this information on the Lempo-Volley men's Facebook page.

Why  does Lempo meet the champion team from Faroe Island?

Mjølnir was supposed to play in Tampere Finland at the beginning of the year in the Nordic club championship tournament. However, the tournament cancelled and Mjølnir could not cancel  flights to Finland.

Lempo-Volley player Tomi Rumpunen, who is a former teammate of Mjølnir's Cristian Imhoff, saved the day. With Rumpunen's help, Mjølnir found opponents from Pirkanmaa and the team's trip became a training camp.

Mjølnir will face Lempo-Volley on Thursday, Pälkäneen Luja-Luko on Friday and Rantaperkiön Isku on Sunday. All three teams play Finnish second highest league. Lempo is top of the league table at the moment.

Mjølnir is very successful club: the reigning champion, having won the league 12 times.  Faroe Islands are a autonomous territory of Denmark.

– We arranged games with them and for example, meals in Lempäälä after the game. It's great that they were able to make their trip useful with friendly matches. Interesting to see what kind of level and team they have. I have no experience about their team, says Lempo´s Rumpunen.

The international match is all in all a wonderful opportunity for Lempo: the match perfectly prepares for the league game against Pälkäne on Sunday, January 8. At the same time, it brings a completely new kind of experience to the players and the audience from Lempäälä.

– This is the first international game in Lempo's history, which is a great thing. Thanks to Tomi Rumpunen for organizing it. It is very pleasant and an honor for us to have guests. Scandinavian cooperation is very traditional for us Finns, Lempo-Volley manager Juha Raunio says.

– The match is also a good thing for us, as we get a training game before the start of the second half of the season and facing our rivalry Pälkäne, Raunio explains.

Welcome to watch a great match between Lempäälä and the Faroe Islands at the Hakkari sports hall on Thursday, January 5 at 16:45.!

Yo can find the live stream here

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Mjølnir team photo: Mjølnir
Lempo team photo: Jani Huurne